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NutraDip pH Meter ACDC

Product # 005062
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Maximizing plant growth requires the pH of your nutrients solution be slightly acidic. Most experienced growers consider the ideal pH for most crops somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5, depending on the growing media used and the specific stage of growth. Acid content can reach unacceptable levels when nutrient solutions are mixed with poor quality water, or when pH unstable media is used. You need to correct this! Nutradip pH meters let you know exactly where your pH levels are at any point of your grow cycle, so you can adjust accordingly ensuring maximum growth, health and yields are possible.

•AC & DC powered
•Easy to read display
•High quality pH probe
•Plant friendly display
•Wall mount or hand held
•Replaceable 9 volt battery included
•Nutradip Calibration Solution included
•Lightweight, portable and splash resistant