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Product # Vaporizer
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Your best line of defense against powdery mildew. Intended for greenhouse
use, the vaporizer is a great method for combating powdery mildew in the
greenhouse or hobby greenhouse setting.

Each vaporizer will treat 260 - 360 sq.ft. It is suggested that the vaporizer
be used as a preventative measure and should be used for half an hour
each day or until tip burn is experienced - then reduce time. For example,
if the vaporizer is on for 10 minutes a day and tip burn is experienced, then
reduce time to 7-8 minutes or until tip burn does not occur.

- Plugs into 120V or 240V.
- Vaporizes the sulfur at the exact temperature of 145oC.
- Will not over-heat your sulfur, creating dangerous SO2 & SO4.